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Description of Extended license.

Editorial Use only License

What are editorial images licences?

An editorial image license for stock photos enables the buyer to use the stock photos for non- commercial purposes only. A photo that holds only an editorial license will be hightlighted by the stock agency. An editorial license on a a stock photo indicates that the photo shows a brand of a product, a public personality without a signed release, or may have limited releases. For stock photo buyers, it is important to understand how an image with an editorial license can be used. The why is up to the photographer and the stock photo agency who determine the license.

How can an editorial image be used

An image with an editorial image can only be used in the following ways:

  1. In a newspaper or magazine article
  2. On a blog or website to describe an idea not to brand
  3. In a non-commercial presentation (video, slideshow)

An editorial image can only be used in ways where this is no personal benefit or commercial gain.

An editorial licensed image can not be used for the following:

  1. Any commercial purposes including advertising or promotions
  2. To receive any fees from a third party sponsor or endorsement